Verinova Making hybrid work “work”


In a re-shaped world, organizations are seeking insights and solutions to boost their effectiveness and increase productivity.

Increasingly organizations are turning toward AI-driven data analytics solutions to provide these insights.

Verinova applies both ML and AI to organization’s data to provide insights which allow organizations to develop evidence-based strategies to optimize the structure of their hybrid workplace strategies and how they use their real estate.

We provide a platform that not only streamlines data interpretation for strategic decision-making but also addresses the complexities of modern, flexible work environments, all in a GDPR and EU AI Act-compliant manner.

Empower your team with AI

Empower Your Teams and departments with AI: Verinova brings the power of AI to your fingertips. Make data-driven decisions and enhance team synergy with our intuitive dashboards.

Revolutionize Hybrid Work: Embrace the hybrid work model with confidence. Verinova provides real-time insights to keep your teams connected and productive, wherever they are.

Your Business, Smarter: Unlock the potential of your business data with Verinova. Our AI assistant provides tailored suggestions, keeping you ahead in a dynamic work environment.

Growth potential


growth potential is anchored in a sustainable and scalable business model that capitalizes on the increasing demand for AI driven data analytics in the evolving hybrid work environment. At its core, the business model is structured around a subscription- based revenue stream, offering various tiers of service to accommodate different sizes, needs and types of businesses. As we grow, we will expand our functionality in using data to provide insights into your leadership, team optimization, branch office networks, outside partnership relationships and other areas we have not yet identified.

Key Challenges for Organization

1. Real Estate Needs: Determining the optimal amount of office space.

2. Office Design: Creating spaces that foster collaboration and productivity.

3. Recapturing Collaboration: Rebuilding teamwork lost during the pandemic.

4. Engagement & Mental Health: Improving employee engagement and mental wellbeing.

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