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Verinova has made significant strides in its journey so far, marking important achievements and milestones that underscore its potential and capability

Verinova is thrilled to announce joining the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence:


Verinova participated in the Vector Institute’s (Canada’s leading AI focal point) Data Readiness and Model Development cohort.

Awarded the Stellar Innovation and Social Impact Award, as well as the People’s Choice Award:

through the iCube incubator at the University of Toronto. These awards recognize our dedication to innovation and societal betterment, providing essential funding to propel Verinova forward.

The AI-driven data analytics and hybrid work solutions space:

Successful Pilot Programs: A key accomplishment for Verinova has been the successful execution of pilot programs using existing team data streams. These pilots have not only validated the effectiveness of Verinova’s platform but also provided valuable insights for further refinement and development. The ability to demonstrate real-world applications and results from these pilots is a substantial milestone, proving the practical value and impact of Verinova’s solutions.

Data Partnership with Snowflake:

Collaboration with Snowflake, a leader in cloud data platforms. 

This partnership not only enhances Verinova’s data handling capabilities but also lends credibility to our technological foundation. The association with Snowflake is a key differentiator, as it ensures robust, scalable, and secure data infrastructure, which is critical.



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